Workshop on CSCW and the new Wave of Digitalization

We may currently perceive an era of massive digitalization within almost all industry sectors. Often summarized as the ‘Industry 4.0’ vision—as a complex connection between machines, materials, locations, and companies implemented as fully-automatic cyber-physical systems—the way in which cooperative work has been performed will rapidly change, in theory. In practice, however, the outlined configuration of such a vision is often not an appropriate option for most of the enterprises. Although new technologies such as cyber-physical systems offer new possibilities and functionalities that have come along, they will also increase the complexity of the practices associated with the ecologies of technology they encompass. The practical adaption of cyber-physical systems raises therefore a variety of socio-technical issues and areas of conflict which need to be addressed. We welcome researchers from a diversity of disciplines and perspectives to illuminate insights into work within this new wave of digitalization and try to shed light on questions about what (new) roles of the workers will arise, how work and cooperation settings will change, and how information and communication technology needs to be designed to support workers within the new circumstances.

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